Ivory Circle is an alternative band from Denver, Colorado, started by singer-songwriter Connie Hong and producer/bassist Chris Beeble. Mixing heartfelt lyrics, lush instrumentation, and Hong’s uniquely expressive vocal style, Ivory Circle draws comparisons to artists like Florence and the Machine, Adele, and Kimbra.  Now joined by Rob Spradling (drums), Sean Palmer (guitar), and Jesse Spencer (percussion, guitar, keyboard), Hong and Beeble are ready to debut their new sound with the second of three EPs, “Isosceles," set to release early 2015.  


1/6/15- Happy New Year!  

2014 has been really good to us, but we are more than ready for what 2015 has in store.  We have our new EP, "Isosceles," underway, and a ton of wonderful surprises in store for you.  Before all that, however, we have a new show announcement:

January 31, 2015: We will be hosting an intimate night of music at Leon Gallery  in Denver with our friends, Roo & the Howl.  They'll kick things off at 8:30, and we'll play an acoustic set after.  More info on our "Shows" page.  

We hope to see you there!


12/9/14- Hometown for the Holidays Top 11! 

We are so excited about making the top 11 for KTCL Channel 93.3's Hometown for the Holidays this year! Starting this Thursday, they'll be playing our song "Faces and Colors" in regular rotation on their station for an entire week, leading up to the announcement of the final winner.  

We need your votes to help get us into the top 3 show at Casselmans Bar & Venue in Denver on December 20th-- sign up to be a music nerd below and you'll be emailed a survey to fill out on Thursday! Thanks for all of the support.

Hometown for the Holidays

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10/20/14- Showtime Promo and Studio Recordings 

We are back in the studio, busy with recording our new EP, Isosceles (part 2 of 3 of our EP series)!  New songs are underway and they're sounding amazing-- we can't wait to show you. Be sure to connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for behind-the-scenes pictures and updates!  

In other exciting news, one of our songs has been featured on a promo for Showtime Network's new show, The Affair!  Check out the clips below and download the featured track, "Ashes to Ashes," if you don't already have it:

The Affair Promo
The Affair Promo v. 2

Enjoy the fall breeze while it lasts ;)


9/10/14- Fall Show Additions and Recording 

Hey, hey, hey!  We're keeping busy as summer ends and fall approaches… Amidst playing shows, we'll also be heading back to the studio to record our 2nd full band EP!  We can't wait for you to hear the new songs we've been working on and we're very antsy to get started.   In the meantime, here are a few more dates to put in your calendar for September:

September 17, 2014: We'll be opening for an awesome band from Austin, TX, Mother Falcon at Lost Lake in Denver.  It's a small venue, so get your tickets early-- it's going to be a great show!  

September 20, 2014: We are playing the 5th annual Super House Show hosted by our friends in Red Fox Run.  Tons of great Denver bands will be playing (Anthony Ruptak, The Knew, and Branded Bandits to name a few), so you'll get your $5 worth, and then some.  

September 26, 2014: This marks our first show in Colorado Springs and we couldn't be more elated to be playing with the beautiful and talented Hillary Hand.  

For more details on these shows, check our events page or our Facebook page.  


8/22/14- Fall Shows 

Hi everyone!  Thanks to everyone who came out to Hi-Dive Denver on August 9th!  It was such a special night and definitely one of our favorite shows, in huge part due to the support of the people there.  Chris and Rob spent a lot of time working on the light show-- we're so thrilled with how well it turned out and can't wait to use the lights again.  Since it's such a huge setup, we can't use it for every show, but we'll save it for a special occasion, so be sure to not miss out next time :)

Here's what's going on in the next couple of months, so far:

September 4, 2014: We are opening for Lakeview Drive (from Seattle) at The Marquis in Denver!  It will be one of our first (or maybe our first ever) shows that is "all ages," so make sure to bring the kids ;)  

October 5, 2014: The Alamo Drafthouse is starting a series where bands play during brunch before an indie movie.  We get to be a part of it and they're showing Only Lovers Left Alive.  More details on this even TBA  

Upcoming Shows